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The OASIS Peakhurst has value built-in for buyers.
Starting at only $680,000*, your lifestyle at The OASIS Peakhurst is becoming more affordable, with space-smart residences at equally cost-effective prices.
Surprising Secrets to a Happy Retirement
If you move to a retirement village like Beauty Point Retirement Resort or the Oasis Peakhurst, there are so many facilities provided, you’ll have far more chance of enjoying a long and happy retirement. To help you on your way, here are some surprising secrets towards a happy retirement.
Home Visits With Our Local Podiatrist
At Beauty Point Retirement Resort we have an array of health services on offer to keep you fit and healthy. One of these services is our Podiatrist, Jason Lecce, who comes to the village every fortnight on Tuesdays from 11.00am, to see residents.
Retire, risk free at The OASIS Peakhurst
Buying 'off the plan' at The OASIS Peakhurst gives great advantages, risk free.
Due to COVID-19 We’ve Introduced These New Guidelines
At Beauty Point, we’re taking the health and safety of our residents, staff and visitors seriously. We’re closely following all the Government directives concerning COVID-19 concerning personal hygiene and social distancing so we can make Beauty Point Retirement Village a safe place for everyone. We’ve introduced these new guidelines – in line with the Government’s directives – and it’s important that we all adhere to these guidelines so we can avoid the spread of COVID-19.
Why Our 24-Hour Carer Service Brings Peace of Mind
When you live at Beauty Point Retirement Resort, you can stay active and independent but at the same time you have the peace of mind of our 24-hour Carer Service. At any time, you can press one of the call buttons in your apartment or in the village and a carer will attend to you within minutes.
Safe, supported retirement living. It all points to Beauty Point.
Beauty Point Retirement Resort has benefits to offer in retirement living that may be inaccessible or missing at home, especially now, more than ever.
Christmas Veranda Decorating Competition
It was magical to see decorations and lights shining on so many verandas this year at Beauty Point Retirement Resort.
How to live well and retire well
Are you a ‘Seenager’? (Senior Teenager) According to Donald Swanborough from Alteris, you can be if you plan for your retirement
Buyers already snapping up units at The Oasis!
While construction is about to start on The Oasis – a new architect-designed retirement village in Peakhurst – units in the village have been selling off-the-plan for some time and a large number have already been purchased by buyers, keen to retire at this highly-anticipated village.
Come to the Retirement Living Expo at Beauty Point Retirement Resort!
Don’t miss our inaugural Retirement Living Expo at Beauty Point. This is a major community event that will usher in the new Retirement Your Way entity… and you’re invited.
Retirement Your Way Expo Announces New Village for Peakhurst!
The Member for Oatley, Mr Mark Coure MP, opened the inaugural Retirement Living Expo at Beauty Point Retirement Resort last week, saying to the crowd of over 100 people he was excited to hear about new plans the group, Retirement Your Way has in the pipeline – including the new village planned for Peakhurst.
Living healthier & longer!
Beauty Point Retirement resort offers a level of discreet health care to its residents that is unprecedented across NSW. Not only does Beauty Point take care of most of the day-to-day health needs for its residents, like pharmacy deliveries and doctors’ checkups, the resort also offers a critical care service.
Keeping your independence!
Not surprisingly, independence is key to a happy, healthy retirement. And a retirement at Beauty Point not only means keeping your independence, it actually means improving your independence and keeping it for longer.
Luxury retirement on a shoestring budget!
How would you like to retire to a resort with your own concierge, chauffeur, barista, chef, handyman and 24/7 health care service for less than it costs to stay in your current home?
Staff profile - Nancy Le!
While most Beauty Point Retirement Residents stay fit, healthy and happy, if you do have an unexpected health problem there is no better place to be than in a resort with highly trained medical personnel only metres away.
Going that extra mile!
Any retirement village has to meet certain accreditation standards to operate in Australia. But it is the villages that go beyond accreditation that stand out from the pack.
Getting a new lease of life!
While Beauty Point Retirement Resort residents are well aware of the benefits of moving to the renowned resort, including privacy, independence and exceptional health care services if needed, retirees also enjoy an unexpected advantage: a new lease on life.
Why you benefit from Physiotherapy as you get older!
Top 5 Reasons to do Physio 1) You’ll reduce any pain you may have. 2) You’ll improve your balance and so prevent falls or injuries. 3) You’ll be able to get around easier. 4) You’ll be less likely to need surgery. 5) You’ll be more flexible.
Why Chiropractic care helps you – the older patient!
Many people use chiropractic care to ease their aches and pains and it usually helps them become more mobile and flexible. Now you can try out chiropractic care right here at Beauty Point Retirement Resort because Dr Dylan Harvey – who holds a Bachelor of Chiropractic & Health Sciences and a Masters of Chiropractic – visits the resort every two weeks to see clients.
Free, independent advice for your retirement!
The Financial Information Service (FIS) is a great government service which was set up as the ‘Financial Information Service for Pensioners’ 29 years ago. It’s been helping older Australians make better decisions about their finances for all of those years, giving them free, independent and confidential advice about retirement, aged care and any taxation implications.
Why a blue light filter is so important for your glasses!
Did you know it’s good to have a blue light filter on your glasses? It’s because we’re all exposed to so much blue light now from our wide-screen TVs, our mobile phones and our computers so we need to filter this light out. Without a filter, this light goes straight through to our retina and can cause irreversible damage.
Government change helps you downsize when you sell your family home!
New government legislation which came in earlier this year has made it much more enticing to downsize by selling your family home because you are now able to contribute up to $300,000 from the proceeds of selling your home to your superannuation fund.
It was 'Game On' for Shuffleboard!
It was an exciting day when five teams came to play at the recent inter-village Shuffleboard Tournament at Beauty Point Retirement Resort. After an enjoyable lunch at the Beauty Point Resort’s restaurant, the five teams began what was a tightly-contested competition, umpired by Steve Mortimer.